Ransomware: An Increasing Threat to Businesses

It’s no secret. As businesses, when we operate online as much as we do today, the threat of hackers tapping into our networks exists. Still, the benefits of operating in the cloud far outweigh the risks, which is why we continue to migrate so many of our operations online.

What is Hosted VoIP (and Why Should You Care)?

Consider this: What would your business look like if you had more flexibility to answer or make calls anywhere, anytime? With hosted VoIP, not only can you bring your office with you wherever you go, but you can also save money in the process.

The Benefits of Office 365 for SMBs

There’s a growing trend among small and medium sized businesses – technology that fuels productivity and collaboration.

Having technology that allows teams to work anywhere is no longer optional. It’s the norm. There’s one tool in particular that has risen to the top as a favorite to answer this trend, and that is Office 365.

Office 365 is a subscription service to a suite of Office products and applications.

The Non-Negotiables of Small Business Backups

Chances are you’ve heard the warnings before. You must backup your business data! As nice and necessary as these warnings sound, setting up a backup solution might be one of those tasks that continue to get pushed down your to-do list. And because of that, you might be questioning if you need a backup at all, or if the warnings are a little exaggerated.

New Year, New IT Support for Your Business

January 10th, 2017 Share

It’s not only a New Year for you. It’s a New Year for your business.

Just as you’ve made resolutions for how to improve your personal life, it’s beneficial to make resolutions for how you can give your business a fresh new start. One resolution that may top your list this year is finding a better IT support company.

Looking For a Reliable way to Handle IT Systems for Your Small Business? Managed Service Providers Could be for You

Making the most of your IT systems is about giving you maximum efficiency, minimal down time and low costs while giving you and your customers the flexibility and performance you need. Managing all this for your small or medium sized business can be a real challenge. To stay ahead in the digital world, you should consider the benefits of working with an external Managed Service Provider (MSP) and let them take some of the strain off your shoulders.