7 Ways to Keep Your Device Secure While Using Public WiFi

December 6th, 2017 Share

One of the first things people ask when visiting a new establishment is, “What’s the Wi-Fi password?”

Free Wi-Fi, especially in airports, cafes, libraries, and other public places can be lifesavers, especially when you're traveling and need to get a little work done, communicate with coworkers, or perhaps look up directions.

Does Moving to the Cloud “Spook” You?

First off, Happy Halloween!

It’s the time of year where fright is fun and scares are expected. Whether or not haunted houses and ghoulish decor is your cup of tea, you might have experienced a few spooks in your business recently too. Specifically – the illusive cloud.

Ransomware: An Increasing Threat to Businesses

It’s no secret. As businesses, when we operate online as much as we do today, the threat of hackers tapping into our networks exists. Still, the benefits of operating in the cloud far outweigh the risks, which is why we continue to migrate so many of our operations online.

What is Hosted VoIP (and Why Should You Care)?

Consider this: What would your business look like if you had more flexibility to answer or make calls anywhere, anytime? With hosted VoIP, not only can you bring your office with you wherever you go, but you can also save money in the process.