IT Department Assistance

Whether you outsource your entire IT department to us, or will just require assistance, Lanetco can help.

Give your internal IT staff some breathing space, and let Lanetco extend them some much-needed help. We can compliment your existing IT department with:

We have a wide variety of project assistance for small and medium-size organizations, which ranges from virtualization to server migrations. With the help of our skilled technicians and in-depth expertise, we can assist your IT department with the implementation of any type of project.

Technology evolves at a very fast rate. Sometimes it’s quite difficult identifying ones that will be right for your business. Manage your network properly by implementing industry best practices. Know what works and what doesn’t with the help of our comprehensive IT Consulting service.

Redundant tasks, such as looking after servers, should be taken off of your IT staff’s plate. Let them focus on end-user support, training and other more valuable tasks instead. We monitor your servers 24/7 and make repairs as needed to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Let your IT professionals take a proper holiday break devoid of worries. Set them free from being on-call during vacation and let Lanetco fill in while they’re gone with our remote and onsite support.