Hardware & Software

We help you select the best hardware and software options for your business, thanks to our years of experience working with top-notch and dependable technology solutions. We provide a wide range of services including sales, installation, support, and maintenance.


Based on experience, we found that the best PCs for businesses are those that you can depend on and that can provide next day hardware replacement guarantees. Dell and HP are two of the leading brands we have partnered with to ensure that guarantee.

Despite the major shift to public cloud service, retaining a few on-site or private cloud server hardware is still advantageous. We can help supply the server hardware or design the infrastructure for you, whether it’s for Microsoft Exchange use or for other purposes.

Just because your business is not on the corporate level doesn’t mean that you are safe from security threats. The smallest offices these days will require the same level of protection as big companies, as attacks are automated and targets randomly selected. We rely on Watchgaurd and Dell SonicWALL to deliver the most robust, easily managed and complete protection for businesses of any size.


All the Microsoft programs you know and love can now be accessed anywhere.

Easily install software in an organization with multiple computers. All this made possible by a cost-efficient solution provided by Microsoft. Volume Licensing has the following benefits:

  • Affordable - Lowered costs with Full Packaged Products (FPP)
  • User-friendly - All information is provided online through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service
  • Uniformity – Keep all desktops on the same version of software
  • Central - No receipts to go over for audits