Sage Cloud Hosting

Lanetco Computer Networks Inc understands that you won’t settle for second best in today's fierce business environment. We strive to deliver the IT that resonates with your company’s needs and requirements, instead of unnecessary technology that does nothing for your bottom line.

By harnessing the power of cloud computing, our Sage Cloud Hosting solutions not only accelerate business growth, but also provide you and your team with secure, anytime, anywhere access and interpretability across numerous Internet-enabled devices -- allowing for seamless and efficient collaboration.

Benefits of using our Sage Cloud Hosting solutions include:

  • Quick installation and implementation
  • Capital expenditures are turned into operational expenses with a flat-rate, monthly fee
  • Scalability according to the growth of your business
  • Automatic system and data backups with scheduled maintenance every night
  • Resolution of ongoing technology issues that hinders profitability
  • 24x7 engineering and support to ensure optimal performance
  • Seamless cloud transitions that don’t affect daily business operations

We are ready to help take your business to new heights with our cloud-powered Sage Cloud Hosting solutions. If you are still unsure or have questions to ask, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email!