How IT Consulting Can Help Your Sales & Marketing Teams

How IT Consulting Can Help Your Sales & Marketing Teams

In today’s digital world, one thing that is changing businesses of all sizes is data. As marketers are increasingly under pressure to deliver stellar customer experiences across all devices, they become more and more reliant on technology. In fact, one report estimates that CMOs will spend more time on IT than CIOs by 2017.

As marketers continue to embrace new technologies, there is a vital need to collaborate with the IT department to implement and manage data and applications. Although it might seem as if many businesses have gotten their arms around this complex situation, the reality is that many still fail to understand the evolving role of an IT team.

With that in mind, the aim of this article is to show you how a seasoned IT Consultant can help your sales and marketing team.

Improve User Experience

To ensure that your marketing department is starting with the customer, not the solution, the IT Consultant will sit with your team right at the very beginning of the process of creating a website, application, or landing page. Together, they will determine what the customer journey looks like, what your goals are, and what the requirements for the IT team are to build a system that will facilitate the achievement of your objective. When everybody’s energy is focused in the same direction, it’s easier to come up with creative solutions and implement them seemingly.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Your marketing and sales department’s job is to communicate with customers in a compelling way and convince them to make a purchase. But, without data, it’s difficult to determine what your customers want and improve the way you market to them. Savvy companies use the technology available to them to access the information they need, to target customers at an individual level. The best companies work with IT consulting firms to determine the best time of the day or week their customers are likely to engage on, which products they like most, and which email subject lines are appealing.

As a result, one of the main benefits that you can drive from working with an IT Consultant is gaining a competitive advantage. The ability to know how to market to your customers and what you can do to surpass your competitors is a superpower that you will enjoy using time and time again.

Build a Personalized Lead Nurturing Process

As noted above, the partnership between your marketing team and an IT consulting firm can provide valuable insights into your customer's’ preferences. An IT specialist has the tools to analyze the time of day an email is opened, the links clicked, and so on. With this information, your marketing and sales team will learn what the customer is interested in and will be able to share the products that he is most likely to buy.

Your marketers can work with an IT Consultant to develop criteria for customization and achieve a seamless level of personalization at every point of interaction in the nurturing process.

Marketing is becoming increasingly digital and data-driven. Marketers now have access to a vast array of tools, communication channels, and valuable insights. How you use this technology can make or break your business. Those who align their marketing and IT strategies are positioning themselves for success. Don’t wait any longer. Work with a skilled IT Consultant in Mississauga and the GTA and grow your business.