4 Great IT Tips for Small Businesses

4 Great IT Tips for Small Businesses

For most modern businesses, technology is indispensable. It’s hard to imagine an office without email, collaboration and project management tools like Slack and Trello, bookkeeping programs like Quickbooks, and other essentials. The rapid development of computer technology in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s has done wonders for worker productivity.

If you’re running a small to midsize business, its important to make the best possible use of your IT resources. To stay competitive in your industry, you need to keep up with the latest technological developments. But you’re also on a relatively limited budget, and you need to be cost-conscious to keep your business in the black.

These four helpful tips can help your business make the most of your technological tools, systems, and resources for better worker productivity, greater operational efficiency, and ultimately, more profit.

    1) Don’t try too hard to skimp on costs, at the expense of having what you need.

    Small businesses tend to be quite cost-conscious, and for good reason. But when it comes to mission-critical technology, cutting corners could cost you dearly. Overly cheap services won’t provide everything you need, and if you skimp on the salary you’re willing to shell out for in-house IT, you’ll get what you pay for. Technological resources that are important for your business’s success -- whether it’s project management and productivity tools, collaborative cloud storage, your website, or server infrastructure -- aren’t the place to cut costs. One cost-effective but comprehensive option is to work with managed IT companies, who provide services at monthly fixed rates.

    2) Security is important.

    Did you know that 62% of data breaches target small businesses? Believe it or not, your company could easily become the target of malicious activity. Whether the goal of a data breach is to steal credit cards or social security numbers, or to hold your data hostage with ransomware, your small business could very well be at risk. Data security is complex and costly, and for many companies, the most cost-effective option is to outsource to an IT company that has its own staff of data specialists and security experts.

    3) Update your software regularly.

    Any software is updated periodically by its developers with bug fixes, security improvements, and other enhancements. If you don’t update in a timely fashion, your software can become vulnerable.

    4) Don’t rely on non-expert staff for tech support.

    In offices where few employees are particularly tech-savvy, IT tasks can fall upon whichever employee has the most technological proficiency. Just because someone’s a whiz with Excel doesn’t mean they’re knowledgeable enough to deal with important, sensitive hardware and software issues. Invest in tech support, whether it’s outsourced or in-house.

Managed IT Support: A Great Option for Small Businesses

Due to their size, small and midsize businesses have different IT needs and requirements than large corporations. Managed IT companies in Mississauga provide comprehensive services at a fixed rate, design especially for the needs of smaller companies without the money, staff, or resources to handle everything themselves.

At Lanetco, we specialize in managed IT services, offered at a cost-effective and consistent flat monthly rate. You’ll have access to top of the line infrastructure and world-class IT expertise, along with 24/7 support and general peace of mind. To find out more, call us any time at 905-660-4118.