Choosing the Right IT Consultant for Your Nonprofit Organization

Choosing the Right IT Consultant for Your Nonprofit Organization

Running a nonprofit is never an easy job, and your budget and resources are ultimately limited. You probably don’t need to maintain a full-time IT staff. IT employees aren’t cheap by any means, with a typical IT manager commanding a six figure salary. For occasional help with project management, server migrations, website creation, or new software implementation, the most economical and logical choice for most nonprofits is to bring in an experienced IT consultant.

An IT consultant can help you handle complex IT projects, tasks, or problems that are beyond the capabilities of your staff, or that your staff doesn’t have time to handle.

Finding a Consultant

You can find an IT consultant through a recruiting firm, or through a company that provides outsourced IT support in Mississauga. A good first step is to talk to your colleagues, neighbors, or friends. Chances are, someone might be able to recommend a consultant who’s perfect for the job.

When you’re looking for a consultant, the best way to choose your candidate is an in-person interview. Here are a few suggestions and guidelines to help you find someone who’s well suited for your nonprofit’s particular needs.

  • Find an IT consultant whose technical experience matches what you need.

    The best choice is someone with a long history working with nonprofits, and a robust portfolio to reflect that. Nonprofits are a distinct type of organization with their own sets of needs, resources, goals, and limitations. You also want someone with the right set of technical skills. Someone who specializes in server setup, maintenance, and migration has a totally different skill set than someone who specializes in backend web development. IT is a broad umbrella that encompasses many completely different jobs.

  • Make sure the nature and scope of your project are clearly defined.

    To hire the right person, you need to know what you’re looking for.

  • Make sure your consultant understands nonprofits and how they work.

    Again, it’s best to work with someone who has considerable experience working with organizations like yours. Someone who primarily works with commercial businesses may not have a solid understanding of your needs.

  • Clarify the IT consultant’s role, responsibilities, and project timeline. Work with your IT consultant to determine their tasks, responsibilities, and the time to project completion. This helps streamline and maximize their productivity while minimizing cost.
  • If possible, work with someone local. Some IT services can be carried out remotely, like website development. However, being able to meet face to face can go a long way toward facilitating clear communication. A consultant who’s able to work on-site can learn more about your organization, helping them tailor their services to best meet your needs.

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